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“Our engineers were impressed with the professionalism of the CleverLeaf team. We are happy that the Aerospike hybrid-memory database not only satisfied Tinkoff Digital's high performance requirements, but was also more cost effective than popular in-memory database options.”

Monica Pal, VP Marketing, Aerospike

“The decision to work with CleverLeaf was obviously a good decision. We can confirm that since migration, DMP response rates have increased from an average of 80% to 100% and system performance has increased significantly.”

Scott Neville, CMO , IPONWEB

Our work with CleverLeaf aimed to create a Client Business Portal. We were thrilled when the project team took proactive approach to the task and the effort resulted in a clean, fast and technically savvy implementation of rather complex and innovative architecture. What I appreciated most about working with CleverLeaf is their ability to cut through intricate business and technical challenges and seamlessly deliver the expected results.

Vlad Rysin, CTO, FastMatch Inc

CleverLeaf team impressed us with their professionalism and the quality of their work. Aerospike module, created by them, increased speed and stability of our service. At the same time, we were able to decrease the number of production servers (by 75%) and 100% of requests were fulfilled in the required timeframe.

Nikolay Simon, CTO, Tinkoff Digital