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Big Data

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Customers’ success stories:

Case for a company providing digital advertising solutions:
Implementing rules based segmentation engine for extracting audience segments that match specified rules.

Case for a company providing video advertising platform for marketers:
Reviewing Data Management Platform.

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Nowadays BigData becomes a part of a daily life. This term has become not only fashionable, but actual as the amount of digital information being produced worldwide is doubling every two years. The faster you will be able to analize your data, the greater its value you obtain. Today’s technologies allow to process such amounts of data which would be difficult to imagine a few years ago.

We offer high quality architectural solutions which meet requirements of our customers and their business.

Experience of using Big Data related technology stack:

  • Designing of analytical data warehouses using Hadoop stack;
  • Using HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) for collecting raw datasets;
  • Implementing map reduce jobs for extracting valuable data from massive raw datasets, building structured views for handling further real time queries;
  • Extracting audience segments, that match user defined rules, various statistical data of the hole dataset;
  • Using batch processing tools alongside with stream processing tools to handle massive quantities of data in real time (e.g classifying unstructured data);
  • Developing and configuring Hadoop connectors for various data sources.

Projects that we implemented using Hadoop Stack:

  • Backend storage and analytical tool for logs for more then 50 systems;
  • Analytical engine that allows to extract audience segments that match user defined rules;
  • RESTful service for HDFS that allows to upload/list files to HDFS.

Stack that we use: 

  • Distributives – Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR.
  • NoSQL – Aerospike, MongoDB, Couchbase, HBase
  • Data minning – R, Scala, Python, Spark
  • Languages – Java, Scala

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