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DMP kit
Easy start for your Private DMP

DMPkit – a set of open-source components for your Private DMP (Data Management Platform) implementation and connection to AdTech & MarTech ecosystems.

  • On premise/Dedicated cloud/SaaS
  • Open source
  • Customization and your unique features implementation

Easy way to collect, store and process 1st party data for using in internal and external Data-driven decision process

Turn your data to user and audience profiles, Customer Journey, segments, Machine Learning driven attributes




White-label DMP implementation

To be a data supplier for targeted advertising ecosystem, by buying 3rd party raw data and process it into audience insights and ML based targeting

New data-based revenue stream

To monetize your data from your own digital assets like web site and mobile application by selling insights and data analytics for using in external ML based services and Advertising systems

Internal data monetization

To increase your data-driven marketing and advertising efficiency by utilize side-data from your own digital assets like web site, mobile application and etc




Data Monetization Cloud

– Single point of access to whole AdTech ecosystem for data on boarding
– Audience-safety id syncing
– Data monetization and enrichment

Audience Manager

– Segmentation and analysis of audience
– Centralized segments distribution

Tag Manager

– Collecting web tracking data, tracking you own digital channels

Integration Manager

– Integration with offline data sources, CRM and transactional systems

Organization Manager

– Manage organization’s user accounts, security roles and credentials

Web Crawler

– Collection of web data, analysis of sites and content





BigData Storage

Analytics Infrastructure

Unified Profile and Customer Journey



• Private DMP for on premise data processing and internal system integration

• Data safety, USER PRIVACY and opt-out functionalities

• AI and Machine Learning focused solution

• AdTech ecosystem integration
(20+ data providers, 50+ data consumers, 10+ audience channels

• Open data marketplace

• Self-service interfaces

• Customization and your unique features implementation

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