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CleverDATA implemented Data Management Platform 1DMP for Instam company

CleverDATA implemented Data Management Platform 1DMP in Instam company, leading Russian mobile marketing service provider. 1DMP platform helps Instam to process raw unstructured customers data and build auditory segments based on more than 300 attributes for launching targeted mobile marketing campaigns. 1DMP allows regularly renew segments and export them into a file format suitable for users or via Rest API. The platform provides Instam’s current business tasks salvation by processing of …Read More

1DMP on Oracle DW & Big Data Global Leaders Event

Denis Afanasev, CEO of CleverDATA company took part in Oracle DW & Big Data Global Leaders Program in the middle of December, 2015. Denis presented his view of modern digital business and data-driven marketing, and then told about CleverDATA company’s Big Data competences, products and services. Particularly, Denis discovered features and advantages of CleverDATA’s product – data management platform for data-driven marketing 1DMP.io The event was organized by Oracle as …Read More

Case of review Data Management Platform (DMP) for Virool company

CleverLEAF company, reviewed Data Management Platform (DMP) for Virool company, global leading provider of a programmatic video marketing platform for individuals, small businesses and global brands and their agencies. Virool company is operating DSP platform that allows to reach desired audience using video content.  For better targeting they need to build audience profiles and store/manage them in the data management  platform (DMP) implemented by their own. The task for CleverDATA …Read More

LIVE WEBINAR: Comparing NoSQL Databases for Real-time Bidding

 Join us for this live webinar to hear Sergey Zhemzhitsky, CTO of CleverDATA (a division of LANIT, a leading system integrator in Russia) share how his team developed their in-house tech stack – which includes Hadoop, NoSQL, and a variety of Data Mining and Big Data Analytics tools. Learn about: Architecture of the CleverDATA Platform including DMP capabilities Results of evaluations and performance testing on Aerospike, MongoDB, and Redis Critical …Read More

The “Advert at the speed of light” presentation for HighLoad Strategy 2015 is published

CleverDATA shares its expertise in developing the real time user profile enrichment service, tells about the technologies that have been used in project and the reason Aerospike’s solution has been chosen as NoSQL database. Different charts and figures comparing functional and non-functional requirements of Aerospike, MongoDB, Redis will also be demonstrated   CleverDATA_HighLoadStrategy_presentation from CleverDATA

Sergey Zhemzhitsky will take part at HIGH LOAD STRATEGY 2015 in Vilnius

CleverDATA company’s CTO, Sergey Zhemzhitsky will be a speaker of the High Load Strategy international conference that will take place on January 30, 2015 in Vilnius. The conference will gather developers, analysts and other experts in the field of high loaded scaling systems. In the frame of the conference Sergey will share his expertise in developing the real time user profile enrichment service, tell about the technologies that have been used …Read More

We are pleased to announce the CleverDATA Company opening

The CleverDATA Company was established by Russian leading group of IT-companies LANIT and CleverLEAF in July, 2014 to develop a profound practice of Big Data with digital marketing specialisation. CleverDATA with it’s own high experienced technical team is focused in implementation of complex technological projects based on Big Data technology. The projects will employ CleverDATA software as well as Partner solutions that allow to extract knowledge from huge piles of data, including the unstructured. …Read More

New innovative solution on the Russian financial market put into operation!

We are pleased to announce the success of our CleverDevelopment team! In collaboration with our partner , LLC Web Tech, this week in the Russian segment of the Internet a new online aggregator of financial services was launched. The aim of the project was to create a service that would allow the user to select the most convenient and suitable financial instrument. Comfortable and modern interface allows you to quickly …Read More

Great news from our partner FastMatch

We are pleased to share the news of our good partner. FastMatch  launched its initial matching engine to operate FX Spot and metals from the Equinix NY4 facility. Pls see the details here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140303006668/en/FastMatch-Deploys-Matching-Engine-Equinix-IBX-Data#.UxgKPXmJodt