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Reviewing Data Management Platform (DMP) for a company providing video advertising platform for marketers

Virool company is operating DSP platform that allows to reach desired audience using video content.  For better targeting they need to build audience profiles and store/manage them in the data management  platform (DMP) implemented by their own.

The task for CleverLEAF was to make the review of DMP and propose approaches how to enhance the existent solution.

Main points that were taken into consideration while reviewing Virool’s DMP:

  • Linear scalability;
  • Data redundancy;
  • Low latency;
  • Quality of Service;
  • Maintainability;
  • Total Cost of Ownership.

In the frame of the project CleverDATA revised each component of the platform and if necessary replaced with a more appropriate and effective one. Explanation of CleverDATA’s recommendation and benefits they can get were presented in final report.

In the result of the project so called lambda architecture was reached. Virool cut down it’s costs due to elimination of a data redundancy and more effective hardware utilization. CleverDATA’s specialists managed to make DMP platform’s services more fault tolerant and linearly scalable. Components replacement enabled users to handle massive quantities of data in real time and replay inbound traffic if needed.

Customer description: Virool is a programmatic video marketing platform for individuals, small businesses and global brands and their agencies. More than 30,000 global advertisers are using the Virool platform to promote their video messages, engage their audience and elevate their brand. Leveraging precise audience targeting and a fully transparent and insightful analytics suite, Virool offers custom creative solutions that enable one-click social sharing. More than 100,000 online and mobile publisher properties have run video content from Virool via programmatic partnerships, native placements and direct integrations. Founded in 2012, Virool has raised $6.62M in seed funding from a collection of top VC firms and angel investors. It is the biggest seed investment that any Y-Combinator graduate has ever received.