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Building Data Management Platform for mobile marketing services provider

Customer description:

Instam is a leading Russian mobile marketing services provider. The company deals with a huge volume of raw unstructured data that was hardly processed with normal tools.

The task for CleverLEAF was to implement DMP platform to process data of 5 bln customers and build 360 mln. of integrated profiles for marketing campaigns.
CleverLEAF implemented 1DMP platform that allows Instam to process raw unstructured customers data and build auditory segments based on more than 300 attributes for launching targeted mobile marketing campaigns. 1DMP allows to renew segments regularly and export them into file format suitable for users or via Rest API. It processes web logs, social media data, mobile apps statistics and others data for usage in targeted marketing interactions and customer experience management.

The solution provides a capacity for a future Instam’s development as it was developed to process even more significant data volume that today present business tasks require.