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The new release of the Tag manager (1DMP marketing platform component)

CleverLEAF has updated the Tag Manager (the 1DMP module). It helps to collect all data about web sites visitors by fixing various parameters with custom triggers. Once you have installed the code of the Tag manager container on your website pages the module allows to add/edit any other services codes on the website using the 1DMP interface without re-correction of the site code.

Audience Manager – new component of the 1DMP

The CleverLEAF released Audience Manager –- a new module of the 1DMP (Data Marketing Platform). The module allows to provide automatic segmentation of web sites visitors and to use data for more effectively new customers attraction and sales growth.

Membership in IAB (The Interactive Advertising Bureau)

The company CleverDATA became a member of the Partnership, The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), uniting representatives of the Internet platforms, agencies and technology companies for the development of the online advertising market and structuring industry.

New 1DMP module: Tag Manager for data collection of user interaction with the comapanies web sites.

CleverLEAF has developed a new module of data management platform 1DMP – Tag Manager. The module allows to collect data about user interaction with clients web sites for the subsequent use of data in marketing and advertising campaigns. Mainly Tag Manager is a secure, high quality and easy to use alternative to existing on the market IT-products of this type. Tag Manager is integrated with a data management platform 1DMP. …Read More

CleverDATA announced a new service of independent transactions at the data exchange

At the programmatic conference HybridConf’16 (may 25, 2016), the sub-company of CleverLEAF the Company СleverDATA introduced a new, soon-to-release service of independent transactions for the audience data enrichment on the cloud platform – Data Monetization Center (Exchange data) . The service allows consumers of the audience data to choose the data provider at the Exchange, ask complex, compound segments and attributes and efficiently obtain the required data in the personal …Read More