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Audience Manager – new component of the 1DMP

The CleverLEAF released Audience Manager –- a new module of the 1DMP (Data Marketing Platform). The module allows to provide automatic segmentation of web sites visitors and to use data for more effectively new customers attraction and sales growth.

The new component allows to analyze the audience using companies own customer data (1st party data) to extract insights about the audience, to divide it into segments and use generated data giving the most relevant product offer to each audience segment.

At the moment the 1DMP is integrated with the most part of marketing channels to attract customers: the largest and most widespread DSP platforms (we have connected to more than 10 DSP-platforms), email marketing services, mobile marketing platforms and mobile apps notifications services.

Also the user interface of the Data Marketing Platform 1DMP obtained a number of new features which greatly simplifies the work for user. Also CleverLEAF developers have implemented a number of technical components that contribute for more rapid launch of new projects and pilot operations based on 1DMP.

Segment Insights

In addition to the available information panels of history and statistics for each of constructed segments there was added another one tab – «Insights» which displays the attributes of the audience in the segment. This allows for a better understanding of an audience and extracting of a new knowledge.

Estimating of the segment size at creating moment

Now at the moment of segment size configuring the user can estimate its approximate size that allow to understand in advance the potential effectiveness of its use.

Evaluation of the segment changes dynamically in real time depending on the criteria of the segment configuring specified by the user.


At the start page there was appeared a Dashbord which displays a summary of all important information for the 1DMP user, the information of audience, profiles, segments and attributes.

Additionally, with new features there was implemented a number of technical components for the optimization of the connection processes and solutions deployment automation. The performed work will greatly facilitate the process of new projects launching and conducting of pilot operation on 1DMP the platform.

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