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The new release of the Tag manager (1DMP marketing platform component)

CleverLEAF has updated the Tag Manager (the 1DMP module). It helps to collect all data about web sites visitors by fixing various parameters with custom triggers. Once you have installed the code of the Tag manager container on your website pages the module allows to add/edit any other services codes on the website using the 1DMP interface without re-correction of the site code.

Updates include the transformed library tags, new variable types, additional trigger features and modified UI for more comfortable work with own web sites data collection

More about the new features in Tag Manager:

1. The tag library

New tags have been added:

1DMP Track Event – sends the information about the event on the website. In the combination with new variables sending it is a powerful tool to gather information about user activity on the website. All this information is stored in the 1DMP in the Customer Journey format and available immediately to create new segments.

1DMC Super-Sync Tag & 1DMC Cookie-Sync Pixel – two new tags that make it easy to synchronize the web sites visitors IDs with the 1DMC Data Exchange for further work with external data. Additionally, there is a simplified authorization scheme for the 1DMC Data Exchange in the interface of the 1DMP platform.

Custom Image, allows you to embed easily a call to a third-party pixels by URL.

Browser Fingerprint, make a calculation and sending more than 30 browser parameters which help with high probability to identify the user’s device.

In addition, there is an opportunity to create tags templates which are added to the tag library and can be used in a variety of containers. This greatly simplifies the work in cases of a large number of containers with similar functionality in use.

2. Variables

• New type – JavaScript Function, provides the capability of making own java script code to determine the value of the required variable in the case of custom site layout or other website functional features.

• New type – JavaScript Global Variable, allows to get the value from the global variable on a website.

• New variable – First Party Cookie, allows to definitely and always identify the user on the site.

• The variable setting of the URL type have advanced features. Now it is possible to set individual components of the URL.

3. Triggers

• The possibilities of «contains»&other triggers setting are extended .

• The ability to configure the sequence of tags activation within a trigger.

4. User interface changes

The user interface has been also changed much to make work more comfortable with the new features:

• The quick search in the list of containers.

• The creation of containers by making a copy.

• The updated form a quick view of the container configuration.

• The updated form “Overview” of the container.

• The container properties editing at the Overview container form.

• The “Description” field for all entities.

• The ability to view all of the containers previous version configurations and to describe the changes.

• The code editor with syntax highlighting for Custom HTML & JavaScript code (tags, variables).

• The ability of quickly variable matching to the tag for additional information sending.

• The ability to choose inside the text fields any available variable to be inserted automatically from the drop-down list.

• The visualization of elements number including forms, fields and icons.

Additional updates

The schedule of segment construction . In the Audience Manager the option of setting of the a segment construction schedule were added. The ability to restrict the frequency of updates to build segments for the resources saving in cases of the arrival of new data or updates of the segments in the external system are limited in frequency (for example, the data is uploaded once a day)

1DMC Authorization . The authentication scheme to 1DMС at 1DMP interface is expanded using the organization account. The opportunities of 1DMC account settings inside the Organization Manager section are added

File Browser API, allows you to get access to the files. File Browser checks the user authorization, restricts the file access to only a particular organization and allows to download the segments files and others.

The updates affected the important aspects of the Tag manager usage-a and mainly were they focused on functionality and usability. We hope all the innovations will help our customers to get the maximum value from the data.

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