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Audience Manager – new component of the 1DMP

The CleverLEAF released Audience Manager –- a new module of the 1DMP (Data Marketing Platform). The module allows to provide automatic segmentation of web sites visitors and to use data for more effectively new customers attraction and sales growth. The new component allows to analyze the audience using companies own customer data (1st party data) to extract insights about the audience, to divide it into segments and use generated data giving the most relevant product offer to each audience segment. At the moment the 1DMP is integrated with the most part of marketing channels to attract customers: the largest and most widespread DSP platforms (we have connected to more than 10 DSP-platforms), email marketing services, mobile marketing platforms and mobile apps notifications services. Also the user interface of the Data Marketing Platform 1DMP obtained a number of new features which

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Membership in IAB (The Interactive Advertising Bureau)

The company CleverDATA became a member of the Partnership, The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), uniting representatives of the Internet platforms, agencies and technology companies for the development of the online advertising market and structuring industry. We successfully became the member of the Partnership The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in Russia, bringing together representatives of the leading Internet platforms, agencies and technology companies for the online advertising market and structuring industry development. Membership in IAB Russia was held at the annual meeting of the organization through the recommendations of participating companies. The company’s work in the Partnership will begin in 2017. CleverLEAF acting through Russian division CleverDATA has a unique technological developments and experience and experience in the application of artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness of marketing and advertising strategies and other analytic and business challenges. As an expert of

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New 1DMP module: Tag Manager for data collection of user interaction with the comapanies web sites.

CleverLEAF has developed a new module of data management platform 1DMP – Tag Manager. The module allows to collect data about user interaction with clients web sites for the subsequent use of data in marketing and advertising campaigns. Mainly Tag Manager is a secure, high quality and easy to use alternative to existing on the market IT-products of this type. Tag Manager is integrated with a data management platform 1DMP. This connection increases the efficiency and quality of communications through an integrated and centralized data analytics about customers. A single software solution integrates data across all channels and campaigns in a simple interface, associating the data of each user interaction on the websites of companies with other 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data for easy and effective construction program promotion. Currently, the solution was put into pilot operation and successfully

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