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The new release of the Tag manager (1DMP marketing platform component)

CleverLEAF has updated the Tag Manager (the 1DMP module). It helps to collect all data about web sites visitors by fixing various parameters with custom triggers. Once you have installed the code of the Tag manager container on your website pages the module allows to add/edit any other services codes on the website using the 1DMP interface without re-correction of the site code. Updates include the transformed library tags, new variable types, additional trigger features and modified UI for more comfortable work with own web sites data collection More about the new features in Tag Manager: 1. The tag library New tags have been added: • 1DMP Track Event – sends the information about the event on the website. In the combination with new variables sending it is a powerful tool to gather information about user activity on the

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CleverDATA (a part of CleverLEAF) is in the list of the Google DoubleClick Partners

CleverDATA (Big Data solution center of CleverLEAF) entered a partnership with Google’s DoubleClick company. On the page of Google DoubleClick Partners there was added a new profile of CleverDATA company with the «Data management» category. There is only 6 global partner of this category in the list at the moment. With the presence of the DoubleClick partnership status the CleverLEAF products Data Marketing Platform 1DMP и Data Exchange 1DMC obtain an additional opportunity for customers. We have realized connection of products to the DoubleClick Platform and implemented a module of audience data onboarding. This help to form audience segments based on the 3rd party data and deliver them to the DoubleClick platform for targeted advertising campaigns. 1DMP (Data Marketing Platform) and 1DMC (Data Exchange) are the key product of the CleverLEAF company focused on the 1st party data collection, unification,

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CleverLEAF has updated the statistics module of Data Exchange – the 1DMC (Data Monetization Center). It serves for estimation of the audience volume of the Data Exchange participants in the context of several key parameters New component allows to estimate the volume of 1st party data audience from the data customer side and the data provider side. Statistics are presented in the dashboard and accompanied by additional filter of such parameters as the audience activity, the device type and the brand. The audience activity is available to set in the span of less than 7 days, from 7 days to 30 days and more than 30 day. The summary according to terms of three types of devices is represented of desktop, mobile and tablet. One more additional update is the opportunity of audience review of different projects set by the

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